Message from Top Management

The Marubeni Group, to which we belong, has established a basic approach to sustainability, such as contributing to the development of the economy and society and the maintenance of the global environment, as defined in the Company Creed and Management Philosophy for the Group. Our company also shares this basic approach for contributing to the economic growth of emerging countries through ODA business, overseas industries, building of social infrastructures, as well as provision of related plants, in addition to business concerning the achievement of a social environment with safety through the provision and building of devices and systems related to environmental measures in Japan and overseas.

Basic Policy

In accordance with the spirit of Marubeni’s Company Creed “Fairness (Act with fairness and integrity at all times.), Innovation (Pursue creativity with enterprise and initiative.), and Harmony (Give and earn the respect of others through cooperation.)”, we aim to be a company that we can be socially proud of, contributing to economic and social development and maintaining the global environment through fair and upright corporate activities.

Sustainability Organization

Sustainability Organization


Fundamental Materiality

Human Capital with High Social Value
We regard human resources as our most valuable asset in meeting environmental and social demand as well as proactively providing solutions. We define “Human Capital with High Social Value” as individuals who are essential not only to the company but also to society. We will nurture human capital with High Social Value, and thereby bring about innovation and provide solutions.
Governance for Coexistence with Society
We will endeavor to increase corporate value based on a Robust Management Foundation in which Human Capital with High Social Value develops innovative ideas and continues providing solutions. Within that framework, and given social expectations and demands, we will strengthen our corporate governance system and build a governance framework that allows for improved coexistence with society and work toward achieving sustainability.

Environmental & Social Materiality

Climate Change

Climate change, which is responsible for phenomena such as global warming, changes in the natural environment, and increasingly frequent natural disasters, is a global issue with a broad impact on social and environmental sustainability. We see contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation as a category of Environmental and Social Materiality. We contribute to climate change countermeasures mainly through the following businesses:

Solar power generation business

CO2 desorption and capture business  Click here for details

Business of Vegetable factories using fully artificial lighting  Click here for details

Sustainable & Resilient Value Chains and Working Together with Business Partners
The Marubeni Group deals with thousands of suppliers in conducting transactions and operating a wide range of businesses on a global scale. We believe that we can make contributions to sustainability through environmental conservation and sustainable social development initiatives throughout our supply chain. We have identified Sustainable and Resilient Value Chains and working together with our business partners as an essential category of Environmental and Social Materiality. In addition to managing the supply chain, we will also involve buyers of our products and enhance the strength and competitiveness of our entire value chain, which includes not only the Marubeni Group but also our business partners.