BUSINESSBusiness Promotion & Development DepartmentIndustrial Plant & Machinery Section

Grasping global customer needs quickly and accurately, providing plant-related total solutions, and aiming to contribute to a sustainable society

In the area of industrial plant, we supply and provide after-sales(customer) services of equipment related to iron-steel works, non-ferrous, petrochemical, chemical (monomers and polymers), and pulp and paper to contribute to stable plant operations around the world.
We quickly and accurately grasp the diverse needs of our customers around the world and propose solutions that satisfy each of them as well as participate in bidding through collaboration with the optimal partners, negotiate contracts, receive orders, execute contracts, and provide customer services after equipment operation starts. We provide total solutions with high added value that only a trading company can offer.
In response to the changing trend, we will also focus on renewable energy projects and medical plants, aiming to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society.

Main Product Line

Iron-steel works and non-ferrous plant equipment (including electrical machinery) and spare parts

With our wealth of experience and achievements, we propose optimal iron-steel works and non-ferrous plant equipment and electrical machinery that are both energy efficient and economical.

Petrochemical and chemical plant equipment and spare parts

Our product lineup ranges, from high quality Japanese products to cost-effective Asian products for each process line. We can offer the most suitable products for every customers’ needs.

Advanced medical equipment
(Proton Therapy Systems, Cyclotrons for PET, etc.)

We always propose the latest and most advanced technologies. We are committed to providing high-quality radiotherapy medical equipment.

Scope of Business

  1. SCOPE

    Development of new markets, customers, and manufacturers

    We listen to users and manufacturers about their plans to introduce new equipment, renew equipment, enter new markets, and then make optimal suggestions that are in line with their wishes. We introduce a wide variety of machinery and electrical manufacturers based on our experiences of overseas operations utilizing Marubeni Group’s network and our long-standing relationships of trust with them. We develop new manufacturers on behalf of customers and propose SDGs, CO2 reduction, and energy savings by using their technologies.

  2. SCOPE

    Proposals for increasing price competitiveness

    By using our various network all over the world, we find the best product for the quality you are looking for at a price level that meets your request. By thoroughly explaining the advantages of manufacturers to customers and proposing long-term price competitiveness, we maximize the appeal of Japan’s technological capabilities and contribute to the development of our customers. We also aim to reduce the technical burden on our customers and increase price competitiveness by coordinating all types of equipment of the industrial plant.

  3. SCOPE

    Total support from receipt of orders, execution, and customer services

    We are dedicated to satisfying our customers by providing comprehensive support on each service such as quotation, contracting, execution, import/export, delivery, installation works and acceptance/inspection. We also provide customer services after installation ,through close communication with our customers, we are providing best products and technologies continuously.


Case 1

Iron-steel works gas holders revamping project


Equipment for storing by-product gas generated in blast furnaces, coke ovens, and converters at ironworks for reuse as fuel.
We received a request from our customer, who wanted Japan’s advanced technology, and we were able to conclude a contract for the equipment with all the necessary measures.

Case 2

Construction of a new hot strip mill (hot rolling equipment)


Economic growth in India has been significant in recent years. The steel industry, which forms the foundation of the country’s industry, continues to grow, and major steel companies are reinforcing their steel mills. A hot strip mill is a huge piece of equipment that stretches several hundred meters to produce steel sheets by stretching iron ingots made in a blast furnace through a series of rolling stands.
The equipment at steel mills, with the blast furnace at the top, require advanced technology. In particular, rolling mills that produce steel plates are the sole domain of Japanese and German manufacturers, and the number of manufacturers capable of producing hot strip mills is limited to a few companies in Japan, Germany, and other countries.