Message from President & CEO

In 1989, Marubeni Corporation decided to separate a portion of their former Plant Division with the spin-off and allow the separated portion to exist and trade as its own company, Marubeni Plant & Equipment Corporation. Through several reorganizations, we were established as Marubeni Protechs Corporation in 1995.

In addition to having highly experienced professionals and resources, we are an engineering trading firm that has the Special Construction License in Japan. We provide both the customer and business partner with the best solution and reliable services necessary to implement the project successfully, from the development stage to operation and maintenance stage.

Currently, we are on the verge of a true transformation with accelerating changes that are unpredictable. At Marubeni Protechs, our colleagues around the world are excitedly united in our purpose to find and develop new technologies/products and look forward to delivering for the customers. Within each stage, a well-established series of procedures thoroughly addresses every aspect of the customer.

We look forward to your continued support.

President & CEO Kentaro Kai