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We undertake engineering, procurement of equipment, overall constructions in the construction of overseas factories.

We have diverse engineers, hold the Special Construction License, and provide the customers with various services for overseas plant construction and expansion.
The details of our services are as follows:

Project consulting such as analyzing preliminary feasibility studies, picking up issues and their solutions, and proposing final commercialization plans to satisfy customers

Advice for site selection, purchase of land and local company establishment, introduction of lawyers and accountants, and investigation on local authorizations

Construction of building, equipment procurement, installation, trial runs, and maintenance

We provide services depending on the customer’s requirement, whether it is on a full-turn-key basis or on a partial work basis. Furthermore, we provide post-start-up services, such as parts supply, modification of the production line, and maintenance.

Main Services

Overall support for Japanese companies to expand their factories overseas

Local investigations, creation of project plans, estimation of project costs, creation of drawings for the initial plan, etc.

Construction of overseas factories

Construction of buildings, construction of utility equipment, procurement, installation, trial runs, and maintenance of equipment.

Scope of Business

  1. SCOPE

    Project consulting

    We give optimum suggestions in accordance with our customers’ requirements for the success of the project. Risk analysis at the planning phase, optimum project structure, creation of drawings for discussions, cost estimation and creation of assumed processes for commercialization plans (feasibility study), support in investigation on local authorizations and regulations, project or construction management, etc.

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    Our in-house engineering has specialized knowledge in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, electricity, plumbing, etc., which is our company’s strength.
    Our engineers play an active role in various scenes from the establishment of construction plans to their implementation.

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    Equipment procurement

    We can meet your needs for procurement of various types of equipment both domestically and internationally, including import/export customs clearance and delivery to final destinations. We offer the best equipment procurement solutions to meet our customers' needs by making full use of our worldwide network, including the Marubeni’s network, as well as our accumulated relationships with local manufacturers.

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    We undertake all construction work from building construction to installation of equipment and maintenance after starting the factory operation.
    We meet all customer needs by having our project manager on the construction site and managing until the project is completed.


Case 1

[Socialist Republic of Vietnam]
Project of building a new instant coffee factory


Marubeni Corporation decided to construct an instant coffee plant in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, Vietnam, which was expected to have a production capacity of 16,000 tons per year , the largest in Vietnam. We were involved in the construction of the instant coffee plant from the conceptual stage, including land selection, and provided construction management services during plant construction, as well as basic design of various utility facilities and ancillary facilities to operate the instant coffee plant, such as boilers and wastewater treatment facilities, and installation of production facilities.

Case 2

[Republic of Malawi]
The project for expansion of the terminal building at Kamuzu International Airport


As part of the Japanese Government's Grant Aid program, we were awarded a contract for the renovation and expansion project of passenger terminal building at Kamuzu International Airport located in Lilongwe, the capital of Republic of Malawi. The project aimed to improve the capacity, efficiency, and safety of the airport and contribute to the promotion of cross-border movement of people and logistics in Malawi by constructing a new international departure/arrival terminal, a domestic terminal, and renovating the existing terminal. The newly constructed terminals are already in use, helping to increase the passenger handling capacity of Kamuzu International Airport.

Case 3

[Republic of Angola] Textile factory rehabilitation project
Construction management


Marubeni Corporation was awarded a contract as the Marubeni Group to undertake a textile factory rehabilitation project, including renovation of existing factories, delivery and installation of production equipment at three textile factories in the Republic of Angola, in order to revitalize the textile industry and agriculture and create employment opportunities in the country, which was devastated by its civil war that lasted until April 2002. This rehabilitation project was to install state-of-the-art spinning, weaving, and dyeing equipment as well as utility facilities such as cogeneration and wastewater treatment at the three existing factories, enabling the factories to produce textile products in their own countries, which depended on imports. As part of the Marubeni Group project team, we were responsible for construction management from basic design to construction management including building renovation, new construction, factory utilities, and ancillary facilities.