BUSINESSInternational Cooperation Project Department

Deals with Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects financed by the Government of Japan

This department is working on Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects financed by Grant Aids, ODA Loans, etc. by the Japanese Government. Our company aggregates the Marubeni Group’s ODA business, and therefore has rich knowledge and experience. Infrastructure development is one of the main purposes of ODA and is indispensable for sustainable economic growth of developing countries. We, as a private company, support these ODA projects and contribute to establishing good relationships with these countries.

Main Business Field

Infrastructure Business

Water pipelines, weather observation system, communication and broadcasting equipment, etc.

Plant construction

Renewable energy, energy storage systems, diesel power generation, etc.

Construction of security equipment for airports, harbors, the sea, etc.

Cargo inspection system, surveillance camera system, security boat, etc.

Supply of medical equipment

Medical equipment (MRI, CT, angiography, X-ray inspection devices, ultrasound diagnostic devices, ambulances, etc.)

Supply of industrial products

Education equipment, electronics devices, construction machinery, special vehicles, fisheries equipment, etc.

Scope of Business

  1. SCOPE

    Case investigation and review

    As a contractor, we are mainly dealing with Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects such as Grant Aids and ODA Loans, financed by the Government of Japan. ODA is implemented based on a request to the Government of Japan by the governments of a recipient country, and we fully use the Marubeni Group’s network inside and outside Japan to investigate and discuss project plans, and then select the most suitable partner companies for the activities. While maximizing the competitiveness of our partner companies, we will build a structure that can carry out a project based on the request from the recipient country.

  2. SCOPE


    For ODA projects that use public funds, contractors for the projects are selected through fair competitive bidding. As a bidder that is leading partner companies, we will examine and make the optimum proposal for each project based on the request from the recipient country. Bidding requires massive and detailed work, but with our know-how supported by our achievements of many years, we will increase our competitiveness to carry out precise and efficient work.

  3. SCOPE

    Conclusion of contracts, execution of contracts, and follow-up services after execution

    After the bidding procedure, a contract on implementation of a project is concluded with the executing agency of the government of the recipient country. We fully take advantage of the human and material networks of the Marubeni Group and manage the entire project (procurement, transport, and installation of equipment, construction work, etc.) starting from contract negotiations to the end of the project. Even after the project is completed, we will continue our activities, always listening to the words of the government of the recipient country that started the operation and discover future business opportunities so we can contribute to the further development of the recipient country.


Case 1

[Republic of Palau]
Construction of diesel-operated power generation facilities with Grant Aid from the Government of Japan

Republic of Palau

In the “Project for Enhancing Power Generation Capacity in the Urban Area in the Republic of Palau” for the Palauan government, our company made the contract to construct new diesel-operated power generation facilities and completed the construction successfully.
At the center of Palau, the power supply capacity declined because of the deterioration of the power generation facilities, as well as lack of maintenance and management, resulting in the difficulty of maintaining a stable provision of power. Later, the power supply recovered to cover the peak demand, but maintenance issues remained due to insufficient generation of extra power. In this project, we attempted to build a structure for a stable power supply. We were able to construct new power generation facility buildings and provide diesel-operated power generators, aiming to alleviate the lack of power.

Case 2

[People’s Republic of Bangladesh]
Supplying and installing of water supply pipelines by the Government of Japan’s ODA Loans

People’s Republic of Bangladesh

In the “Karnaphuli Water Supply Project” for the Bangladeshi government, we made the contract to lay water supply pipes in Chittagong City of Bangladesh as a joint venture with a domestic construction company and completed the construction successfully.
Chittagong, the second-largest city and also the largest commercial city of Bangladesh, has the country’s largest seaport and is also the industrial center. However, infrastructure preparation such as waterworks was not catching up with population growth of recent years, and became an obstacle for future investment promotion, population growth, and industrial development. In this project, we carried out maintenance of the city’s deteriorated waterworks facilities in order to facilitate improvement of the living environment of the citizens and economic activities.

Case 3

[Islamic Republic of Pakistan]
Installation of X-ray inspection system by the Grant Aid of the Government of Japan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

In the “Project for Security Improvement in Port Karachi and Port Bin Qasim” for the Government of Pakistan, we made the contract of X-ray inspection system and successfully completed it.
The Government of Pakistan places importance on public security measures and prevention of terrorist attacks by establishing related laws and enhancing overall security at borders and ports. However, Port Karachi and Port Bin Qasim are international ports that do not satisfy the international inspection standards which aim to secure safety of international trading, and that substantially interferes with securing of the quality of inspection structure and trade facilitation. In this project, in order to improve international credibility on logistics and import and export at both ports, we provided X-ray inspection system and constructed inspection buildings that meet international standards at both ports.