BUSINESSBusiness Promotion & Development DepartmentBusiness Promotion & Development Section

Promotes development of potential customers and new products

This department promotes development of potential customers and new products by working closely together with related departments in the company. In the automotive industry where our company has achievements, we focus on the EV-related business, and in other industries, we focus on diversification of our business relationship with multiple industries such as the chemicals industry and food industry. In addition, we handle new products, mainly those related to environmental business such as CO2 capture equipment, vegetable factories using fully artificial lighting, and waste treatment equipment.

Main Products & Services

EV-related business

In the field of materials for in-vehicle lithium-ion battery parts, such as cathodes, anodes, electrolytes, and separators, when Japanese manufacturers expand overseas or their existing overseas factories, we help them with construction of factories, construction of utility equipment, procurement of various types of equipment, installation of production equipment, and maintenance.

CO2capture equipment

This CO2 capture equipment uses the amine absorption method, a technology of Carbon Clean Solutions Limited of the UK in which our parent company Marubeni Corporation invests. In hard-to-abate sectors that have difficulties in the reduction of CO2 emissions, such as steelworks, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and cement plants, an amine solvent is used to absorb CO2 in the flue gas in the absorption tower, and then capture CO2 by desorbing CO2 from this solvent in the desorption tower.

Super condensers

This equipment was developed by our partner Green Earth Co., Ltd. to improve the efficiency of the refrigerant cycle of air conditioners and is expected to reduce CO2 and electricity cost. It has a simple feature without any electrical, air, or machine mechanism, thereby the functionality of the air conditioners themselves are not affected. These are mainly adopted to air conditioners of offices, factories, stores such as convenience stores and supermarkets, as well as chillers for factories of freezing and refrigeration equipment.

Waste treatment equipment

For wastes that are generated from biogas power producers and factories of various industries, including the food industry, we listen to our customers’ situation and propose solutions that are suitable for their needs by working closely together with equipment manufacturers.

Vegetable factories using fully artificial lighting

We work with our business partner Higashi Matsushima Farm to provide our customers in Japan and overseas with various support from application for authorization, system design, and buildings (repairing of existing buildings and construction of new buildings) to procurement and installation of equipment.