Our Representative

We, Marubeni Protechs Corporation, were established in October 2000 as subsidiary company of Plant Division of Marubeni Corporation.
We were first started as Marubeni Plant & Equipment Corporation in 1989 and after separation and re-merging, finally we became as Marubeni Protechs Corporation.
Our role is to more closely cope with the various needs of the clients in Plant and other business fields.
Our company name, Protechs, stands for “Projects and Technology Solutions”, which express our strong intesion to precisely grasp the requirement of the clients and to create a new value by providing the best solution.

The main dealings are as below

  • Plant & machinery for steel and nonferrous industry : Import ,export and domestic sales of plant, machinery and supply related parts
  • Engineering and Commercial Management of overseas construction, and Logistics
  • ODA(Official Development Assistance) project
  • Supply of Eco-friendly equipment

All of our staff are trying our best, day and night, to catch customer’s requirement precisely with flexible new idea in order to get higher satisfaction from our clients.

Kentaro Kai
President and CEO

Kentaro Kai President and CEO